03 février 2020

My travel in New zealand ...

In New zealand, i have visited  Willington a very pretty capital .. in this  capital  i have discovered  the culture of the maories in practicing their dance and their ritual . I have made myself two tattoos of the maories .If you want, if you are interessed in maories you must also eat their dishes like the kiwi or fried fish.In activity  i have traveled a route  in a hiking for watch a wild landscape.. thanks to that lots of sheeps and i have see a giant eagle . I also made friends after a rugby lecon wich have offered to me by  inhabitants . It is awesome!!! I have visited a zoo which included lots of animals rare  and my last activited  i have parachute jump above  the mountains.Apart from all it's activited , i also a lot visited  the city around in Willington, she is really nice ! i have learned thanks to a guided tour on a waka the culture of the maories ..but its my also makes me learn their origins.. after this guided tour we were deported to one of their village called Rotorua .This village occupies a forest that is filled with mystery. before returning to the village we witnessed a ceremonial tradition the Powhiri.Here's everything I've done and learned









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